Spink China, To be conducted behind closed doors, 10th–11th May 2020

The Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corporation, $500, uniface obverse and reverse colour proof, undated but type of 1901 to 1907, red, bank coat of arms at centre, ‘500’ at each corner, ‘HONGKONG’ within lower border, reverse green, allegorical maiden and cherubs at centre. Although the designs for 1901 and 1904 are ultimately different, the top most layer of printing are the same. (Pick 154p or 160p), the obverse graded PMG 50NET (Repaired) and the reverse 53NET (Tears, Previously Mounted). Exceedingly rare.
The HongKong and Shanghai Banking Corporation, $500, specimen, 1.1.1901, brown and blue, bank coat of arms at centre, ‘500’ at each corner, ‘HONGKONG’ within lower border, reverse red, allegorical maiden and cherubs at centre, perforated ‘SPECIMEN’, (Pick 154s), PMG 63 Choice Uncirculated. A one year type and exceedingly rare.
Left: The Chartered Bank of India, Australia and China, $10, 1.1.1905, serial number G/T 38369, brown borders on deep pink, bank coat of arms at upper centre, ‘$10’ at each sides, ‘TEN’ in blue underprint, handsigned at lower left and printed black manuscript signature at lower right, reverse green, bank title and denomination in English, (Pick 35), PMG 20 Very Fine (Ink). Right: A superb note of the highest rarity. One of the two notes see to date. It is interesting to see that the date is overprinted rather than handwritten as suggested by the partially printed year ‘190_’. Last sold by Spink in 2000 and it will be a long time before it reappaears in a public auction.

Spink China’s next auction contains many rarities and choice items from Hong Kong and China which will attract the attention of the most discerning collectors. These include an issued 1905 Chartered Bank of India, Australia and China $10 for Hong Kong, a 1912 $500 specimen from the same bank and a 1904 Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation $100 specimen.These notes are exceedingly rare and will be fiercely contested. For China, star lots include two gold pattern dollars bearing the portraits of Xu Shi Chang and Duan Qi Rui, a 1907 Kwangtung Currency Bureau $5 Mexican Dollars and a 1951 People’s Bank of China ‘Mongolian Yurt’ 5000 yuan.

The Numismatic Collectors’ Series sale will take place in Hong Kong, behind closed doors, on 10th–11th May 2020. For further information please contact Kelvin Cheung, [email protected].

Republic of China, $1 specimen struck in gold, 1924, obverse: President Duan Qi Rui, Chinese legend ‘Republic of China Governance Commemorative Coin, reverse: ‘He Ping’ (Peace) in old Chinese script within wreath, (KM-Pn73, LM-1097, Kann-1577) PCGS MS61 small hairlines in the fields and small areas of toning. Extremely rare.
People’s Bank of China, 1st series renminbi, 1948-1949, 5000 yuan, ‘Mongolian Yurt’, serial number 0191105, (Pick 857Ba), PMG 30NET Very Fine (Restoration). One of the key notes of the series and in decent grade. Rare and an ever popular type.
Kwangtung Currency Bureau, $5 Mexican Dollars, 1907, serial number 331, black, facing dragons and fireball at upper centre, Kwangtung silver coin at left and right, house at lower centre, Chinese characters stating ‘Shanghai Mexican Dollar’, reverse black Chinese text on light green, official red stamp/chop marks on both sides, (Pick S2390), PMG 15 Choice Fine. One of the rarest and most iconic Qing era notes in nice original condition with strong colours. According to a well respected expert in Chinese currency only three notes are known to date. Ultra rare.
Tibet, Anonymous (c. 1928-30), 1-Tam Srang pattern, 5.83g, undated, standing snow lion facing left within a circular border, an emblem referred to in Tibet as nor bu dga’ kyil (“whorling jewel of joy”) above the lion, surrounded by four small jewels and streamers, below the lion the same device in a simpler version, the eight Buddhist auspicious emblems between this inside outer beaded circle, rev. flower shaped wheel with eight spokes and norbu dga’ kyil (“whirling jewel of joy”) in centre, surrounded by eight arches and a circle, the legend: dga’ ldan pho brang phyogs las rnam rgyal tam srang 1 (“the Gaden Palace, victorious in all directions 1 Tam Srang”) around, within a beaded circular border (YZM 498; KM Pn 10), graded PCGS SP45, extremely rare.
Republic of China, $1 specimen struck in gold, 1921, obverse: 3/4 profile of President Xu Shi Chang, reverse: Chinese legend ‘Tenth Year of the Republic of China, Commemorative Coin’, Huai Ren Hall at centre with the characters ‘Ren Shou Tong Deng’, struck to commemorate the inauguration of Xu to the Presidency, (KM-Pn62, Kann-1570 and LM-1093), PCGS MS61 small hairlines in the fields that do not spoil the superb eye appeal of this rare coin.
Ex. Northern Collection. An extremely rare type note that was only issued for two years in 1904 and 1905. Only 3 notes notes of this type graded in the PMG population report and this is by far the highest grade. An original note without any repairs or graffiti that will increase its desirability and will be hotly contested. A magnificient note.
People’s Republic of China, 2000 yuan, gold, 2004, commemorating the Centenary of Deng Xiao Ping’s Birth, containing 5 oz. gold, serial number 0163, Deng Xiao Ping (1904- 1997) was one of the greatest leaders of modern China from 1978 to 1992. NGC PF 69 Ultra Cameo, certificate number 000163 and with the original box and packaging of issue. A very low mintage of 600 pieces only and a historically important coin.
The Chartered Bank of India, Australia and China, $10, specimen, partially printed date ‘190_’, brown borders on pink, bank coat of arms at upper centre, ‘$10’ to its left and right, ‘TEN’ in blue underprint at centre, black printed manuscript at lower right, 4 hole punch cancellations, a rare W.W. Sprague and Co. printing,
(Pick 35 for type), PMG 35 Choice Very Fine (Punch Hole Cancelled). Possibly unique as a specimen and certainly the only note in the PMG population report to date. A fabulous offering togther with the issued note in the next lot. A once in a lifetime opportunity.
Chi Tung Bank, 100 Yuan specimen, ND (1937), control number 00165, dark blue on multicolour, Chinese-style building at right, reverse blue, blue, guilloche pattern, ‘Specimen’ and ‘Yang Ben’ overprint on both sides, hole punch cancelled, (Pick J117s1), PMG 53 About Uncirculated (Rust Lightened). Extremely rare, a classic note.
The Chartered Bank of India, Australia and China, $500, specimen, 1.3.1912, without serial numbers, purple-red, black and dark yellow, supported arms at upper centre, denomination at each corner and within left and right borders, central vignette of sailing sampans and junk boat against fortress walls and pagoda, reverse blue and black, bank building at centre, ‘SPECIMEN’ printed in red diagonally on the obverse, 6 hole punch cancellations, (Pick 46as), PMG 40 Extremely Fine. An extremely rare specimen bearing the first date of issue Colloquially known as the ‘Spider Web’ because of the geometric design at centre, this type is one of the most iconic and coveted Hong Kong banknotes. Ultra rare in any form and will be fiercely contested for.
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