‘Offa’s Remorse’: The martyrdom of an East Anglian king

‘Finding the aforesaid head a stumbling block to the feet however, he wondered what it was, because his foot was tangled up in the head’s long golden curls. And touching it more carefully, he realised that it was the head of a decapitated man. And intuitively he realised that this was the head of someone holy, and a young man. And when his hands had been steeped in blood, and sometimes in the place where his eyes had been, he put the blood on his face. And immediately his sight was restored.’

Interview with Pragya Jain

As more and more people have turned to collecting during the lockdown period, the Insider talked to one of Spink’s younger collectors, the philatelist Pragya Jain, to ask him about his hobby and what first got him interested in collecting…

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